What are Tocotrienols?


These are chemical molecules that make up a part of the Vitamin E family.  To understand tocotrienols more let us understand about Vitamin E. Vitamin E are a group of 8 forms of fat-soluble compounds. Eight forms have 4 Tocopherols (Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta), 4 Tocotrienols (Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta). These 8 forms make up the compound of vitamin E in varied proportions in different sources.

We have heard that Vitamin E is widely used as an antioxidant. Antioxidants can inhibit the oxidation process that can produce free radicals. Free radicals can badly affect the cells in any organism. Antioxidants can be taken through dietary supplements and they can also be present naturally in tissues. Antioxidants are considered to repair cell damage, enhancing healthy cell growth through which it aids the curation of many chronic diseases.

Tocotrienols are considered the missing gem now. Tocopherols have been found out approximately half a century before tocotrienols and these many years tocopherols have been considered as a source of vitamin E and most of the research in Vitamin E was focused on them but these last 10 years of research, clinical trials on tocotrienols showed results that are amazing than tocopherols. A Combination of a healthy lifestyle and Tocotrienols proved to be more useful than tocopherols. Another shocking result out of some research is that tocopherols hindered the absorption of tocotrienols (The right form of Vitamin E). In recent years, the insights about Vitamin E not working are majorly contributed by tocopherols based supplements.

Tocotrienols stand out because of their chemical molecular structure. Even though they are like tocopherols they are not the same, that difference makes tocotrienols the best form of vitamin E, that too Delta tocotrienols and Gamma tocotrienols possess significant antioxidant properties.

How tocotrienols can be beneficial to the health of humans?

As already discussed, Tocotrienols are the best of the antioxidants. By stopping the process of oxidation they inhibit the generation of free radicals eventually leading to enhanced healthy cell growth. Our health and complication depend ultimately on the health of millions and millions of cells in our body. Acting this way Tocotrienols have been proved in research and clinical trials to be immensely beneficial.

The structure of fat-soluble Tocotrienols makes them easily absorbed by the body making them work the most. Thanks to Dr Barrie Tan and all other researchers who carried out the many research about Tocotrienols and proving the results to the world. Dr Barrie Tan with his expertise in the medical field identified and tested the most authentic source of Delta and Gamma tocotrienols.