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EAnnatto Delta Gold is the World’s No.1 – Next Generation Vitamin E! Tocotrienol is the advanced and unappreciated Vitamin E. It is a Tocopherol-free, superior quality, lipid-based, nutritious Vitamin E.Approved by Health Canada USFDA,he EAnnatto DeltaGold® is the key ingredient for over 90 percent successful studies and research carried out on Vitamin E.(Overall study done on Vitamin E constitutes 95% of it done on Tocopherol which has been a failure while only 5% of the study done on Tocotrienol have shown positive results with 95% success rate. Although we still have a long way to go in research to explore more benefits of this master Antioxidant).In several kinds of research, positive effects of Tocotrienol have been observed against diseases like cardiovascular diseases, several kinds of cancers, Hepatitis C, Alzheimer’s disease, clogged arteries, diabetes, high cholesterol and many more. Anti-cancer activity of Tocotrienols is one of its most significant features which has attracted the interest of many doctors and researchers from all over the world.